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Silbert, Nathalie

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Les Echos - France | 02/02/2011

French cinemas don't need protecting

In the past three years French cinemas have seen an increase in visitor numbers. In 2010, 206 million tickets sold, the highest sales in 43 years. This success prompts the financial paper Les Echos to question the French ban, which is unique in Europe, on showing films on TV: "With respect to the measures to protect cinemas, it is time to rethink the ban. Full-programme channels are currently not allowed to screen feature films on Wednesdays, Fridays ... or Saturdays at any time, and before 20:30 on Sundays. Is this regulation, which was introduced in 1990 and which is unique in Europe, still justified? It's a moot point. On closer inspection it is not certain that showing films on TV actually hurts cinemas. ... For audiences the question is simply: stay at home or go out? And most people opt for the latter only rarely on weekdays."

Les Echos - France | 19/02/2009

French television has a future

The business paper Les Echos explains why television in France is not under threat despite competition from the Internet: "In this age of new technologies television, which is condemned as old fashioned and outdated by techies, seems to have run out of steam. … The Internet has established itself all over the world and is already considered to be a better popular medium than television or the radio. … [Yet] there are numerous signs that the TV still has a future. Watching television remains the most popular free-time activity among the French. … Seven million French bought a television last year – an indication of how people are clinging to this old medium. … But market pressure from the Internet will continue to increase. Up to now only 61 percent of the French population has Internet access. … The challenge for broadcasters will be to revive their programmes and develop new formats that can be adapted to all types of customers and viewers."

Les Echos - France | 09/12/2008

The crisis of the printed press

The business paper Les Echos analyses the difficulties faced by publishing houses and print media in view of the rise of the Internet. "At the press summit in Lyon at the end of October, the distress of French publishers was palpable. ... They have understood that the Internet, although it has become indispensable, cannot solve their economic woes. ... And the same is true at a global level. Faced with the oversupply of free content on the Web, printed newspapers are no longer able to convince readers to buy their product regularly at what many consider too high a price. ... Banal information can no longer be sold. By contrast, readers are still ready to pay for what they see as valuable information. ... Then there are the other solutions such as patronage or public money. But at what cost to editorial independence?"

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