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Sikora, Paweł

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Wprost Online - Poland | 01/02/2012

Tusk an authoritarian ruler

In an interview on Wednesday Poland's Justice Minister Jarosław Gowin said he welcomed the signing of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (Acta) by Poland - presumably under pressure from Prime Minister Donald Tusk - even though he had said it was a bad move just last week. This prompts the conservative news portal Wprost to criticise Tusk's authoritarian style of leadership: "The fact that a politician can do a complete about-face within just a couple of days shows with what an iron fist Tusk rules his party. Particularly since this obviously achieved despite all the internal party intrigues and wrangling. The lessons all members of the PO should learn from this are clear: In the Civic Platform everyone can have their own opinion but only provided that opinion dovetails with Donald Tusk's views - unless Mr. Minister wants to end up being just another MP, that is."

Wprost Online - Poland | 12/01/2012

Kaczyński criticism of prime minister boring

The Polish opposition leader Jaroslaw Kaczyński, chairman of the national-conservative PiS party, attacked Prime Minister Donald Tusk on Wednesday for not immediately cutting short his holiday to investigate the attempted suicide of a military prosecutor. This criticism is a sign of Kaczyński's political incompetence, the conservative news portal Wprost Online writes: "Of course, criticising the government and the prime minister is the main task of any opposition. But criticism must not become a goal in itself. It must be constructive. Meanwhile the PiS is trying to put the affair across as yet another example of Donald Tusk not being present at the decisive moment instead of talking about what is wrong with Poland's judicial system and making proposals for solving the problem. ... Who needs this kind of opposition? It's just a bore that for the umpteenth time the PiS is convinced that everything is bad and Poland is sinking while the prime minister is on holiday."

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