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Sik, Domonkos

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Szuverén - Hungary | 28/08/2015

Sealing itself off is bad for Hungary

Neurotic and self-absorbed Hungary has isolated itself even more from the rest of the world by building a border fence to fend off refugees, writes blogger Domonkos Sik on blog portal Szuverén: "Such an act of all-round defence is counter-productive in a globalised world. By sealing itself off Hungary has distorted its own identity, fuelled by historical injustices, a victim mentality, exploitation and insatiable demands. Then there is ignorance and a lack of understanding of the world beyond its own borders. Such a collective identity not only manifests itself in a social neurosis but also reduces the individual's political and economic room for manoeuvre: the politicians lose their ability to give the country goals that go beyond material reproduction. The economy, meanwhile, loses its potential for innovation."

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