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Siennicki, Piotr

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Polska - Poland | 09/11/2012

Poles shouldn't fight on Independence Day

The Polish police fear there could be massive clashes between rival political groups on Sunday, National Independence Day in Poland. Paweł Sienniecki, chief editor of the conservative daily Polska, bemoans the lack of unity among his countrymen: "We Poles are only willing to show solidarity when we are threatened by floods or facing a national disaster. This is a sad thing. Today, just before Independence Day, we could be celebrating our freedom. But no one is thinking about Poland's independence [the Poles regained independence on November 11, 1918]. Instead we are worried about whether there will be brawls and riots on the streets of Warsaw again. ... I'm not calling for stilted professions of love for our country here. But I do believe that on this day we should at least try to forget day-to-day politics. ... Let us try to celebrate our shared tradition and be proud of our past."

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