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Siemens, Ansgar

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Spiegel Online - Germany | 29/09/2015

Exodus to Europe: Desperately seeking landlords

There have been several outbreaks of violence at German refugee centres in Suhl, Leipzig, Chemnitz and Kassel in recent days. The centres are very overcrowded and Germany must tackle the problem, the news portal Spiegel Online admonishes: "Space must be created so that we can get a grip on the refugee situation this autumn. And that will not be easy. Because finding a solution involves fundamentally rethinking the problem. For example, it's simply no longer possible to silently tolerate asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected. ... The Germans must also bid farewell to the belief that the state will sort things out in the end. A hearty 'hello' won't do the trick. The task at hand is larger, so large that everyone should now be asking themselves if they have space to rent out to refugees. The empty secondary residence. Or the holiday home. Or the rooms in the attic. Politicians should address this issue openly to make it clear just how urgent it is."

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