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Sieber, David

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Südostschweiz - Switzerland | 07/08/2015

Refugee debate just a source of sadness

Italy's coast guard service rescued more than 1,000 refugees in the Mediterranean on the weekend. The liberal daily Südostschweiz calls for an end to the populist scaremongering in Europe: "Why these nationalist outbursts? Why the sensationalist and entirely unjustified fears of foreign infiltration, whatever the term is supposed to mean? What is so bad about helping people? Taking them in and giving them hope for the future? What do we have to lose? Certainly not our humanity. All the fear of losing our property is impoverishing our souls. The current debate - intensified by upcoming elections in Switzerland - makes one sad more than anything else. Even if the hardliners on asylum policy do get their way, the migration pressure on our lauded continent won't ease. Much less the pressure on Switzerland. People will keep coming no matter what - and go underground. A life without papers is still better than no life at all. There is only one way to put an end to the misery: to ensure that the tide of refugees doesn't arise in the first place."

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