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Shtereva, Iliana

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Trud - Bulgaria | 05/05/2015

Bulgarians need cheap holidays in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is expecting a considerable drop in the number of Russian tourists visiting its Black Sea resorts this season this year compared to previous years. But even if all 560,000 Russians who came in 2014 stayed at home this needn't be a major problem, the daily Trud contends: "The best thing would be for us to do exactly what the Russians are doing: they're actively developing their own attractions for local tourists to prevent 30 billion euros going abroad every year. They're creating new destinations in their own country. Instead of mourning the loss of these tourists, we should be doing the same. It's high time we developed the market for local tourists. It would suffice if the Bulgarians could benefit from the same lower prices as foreigners. It's not acceptable that it's cheaper for Germans to go on holiday in Bulgaria than it is for Bulgarians."

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