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Sherlock, Ruth

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The Irish Independent - Ireland | 30/09/2014

Alliance should attack IS only

The US and its allies should attack the IS only, otherwise they will lose all support among the Syrian people, the conservative daily the Irish Independent warns: "The decision to expand the air campaign to include Jabhat al-Nusra could backfire in its intent, paradoxically, strengthening the very jihadists that the US and its allies have set out to annihilate. Jabhat al-Nusra enjoys much more popular support in Syria than Isil. Its emirs (leaders) have worked hard to win the hearts and minds of Syrians in towns and cities where they have a presence. … Attacking Jabhat al-Nusra therefore, will only alienate the Syrian population, who, terrified of living under US and allied bombardment, already by and large share little sympathy for the foreign campaign."

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