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Sherifi, Skënder

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Le Soir - Belgium | 26/04/2008

Skënder Sherifi believes Kosovo should join the EU

In an interview with Philippe Regnier Kosovo-born Albanian writer Skënder Sherifi talks about his happiness that "the Kosovar people have realised their great dream [of independence]. They feel independent in heart and mind. It is an affirmation that 'we exist'. But reality will catch up with them. Economic and social problems will rear their heads. I see no other way out than joining the European Union as quickly as possible in order to assuage nationalist feeling. Everybody must be put in the same boat and close the book of ancestral hate. Young people can do it, even though young Serbs are far from having closed the book of Serbian nationalist mythology. ... Young people need a breath of fresh air, from Europe, to help them out of their hole. In Pristina, Tirana and Belgrade it is like the twelve labours of Hercules just to get a visa! Young people all feel as if they are in an open air prison. People should be allowed to move freely!"

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