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Sforza, Francesca

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La Stampa - Italy | 31/08/2010

Germany's dark side

The anti-Islam book by Thilo Sarrazin, a prominent member of Germany's Social Democratic Party, sheds light on a dark side of Germany which must not be kept concealed, writes the liberal daily La Stampa: "Now it has fallen to Thilo Sarrazin ... to break the silence. ... Sarrazin will no doubt pay for this with expulsion from the Social Democratic party and perhaps even from the Bundesbank. But take heed because if you listen carefully you hear views that go far beyond Sarrazin's. ... Sociologists describe a parallel society encompassing entire districts with their own way of life, with residents who marry only each other and speak their own language and go only to their own doctors, banks and religious schools, avoiding all contact with the country they live in. Something has gone wrong with the German integration model and even if Thilo Sarrazin chose the worst words to say it, the problem remains."

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