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Sey, Cem

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T24 - Turkey | 28/09/2014

Turkey pursuing its own goals in Syria

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has for the first time adopted a harsh tone in the fight against the IS. Without ground troops the terrorist militia can't be fought, he said on Friday, and called for the creation of a no-fly zone over Syria. But the latter in particular also serves Turkey's own interests, the liberal Internet paper T24 believes: "With this proposal Ankara wants to restrict the movement of the Syrian regime's planes, because apart from the planes of the anti-IS coalition they are the only ones that fly there at all. ... Ankara is trying to pass this strategy off as a new idea in the fight against the IS, but it isn't new at all. Its goal isn't as much to fight the IS as to strengten the Sunni front against Syrian President Assad. If Ankara succeeds in convincing the West - and particularly the US - of this strategy, it could kill two birds with one stone. ... On the one hand Assad, and on the other the PKK [Kurdish Workers' Party in Turkey] or PYD [Kurdish Party in Syria], which despite the peace process Ankara is once again referring to as a 'terrorist organisation'."

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