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Servaes, Michiel

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NRC next - Netherlands | 16/01/2013

London and Brussels need each other

Cameron's call for powers to be transferred back to Britain is counter-productive in the euro crisis, former diplomat Michiel Servaes writes in an opinion piece for the liberal daily "If there is one country that is in a position to stand up to the French-German axis it's Britain. … The Netherlands and the EU should therefore be very keen to keep the British on board. … But why are they coming now with their demands for the return of powers? … The British government in particular has always pushed for resolute action [in the euro crisis] and described closer cooperation among the Eurozone countries as a logical step. So it would be strange at the very least if the same government were to hinder this process, thereby prolonging the crisis. … This would be a catastrophe not just for us but also for Britain. Because the island depends on other EU countries for half of its export trade."

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