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Sertis, Giorgos

Philelefteros, Cyprus

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Phileleftheros - Cyprus | 02/04/2013

Cool Cypriots swallow their anger

The tumult that had been anticipated after Cypriot banks reopened last week failed to materialise. But it's no wonder, the liberal daily Phileleftheros writes, because Cypriots are used to putting up with a lot: "We have received praise from the president for our calmness, responsibility and seriousness. The foreign media were surprised because they'd been expecting something altogether different. ... But what are we supposed to do with our anger when one half of us voted for the very people who brought the creditors into the country and the other half for those who went along with the bailout deal? Who are we supposed to complain to when our EU partners cynically and bluntly tell us that they're using us as guinea pigs and models? ... If we can put up with being separated from Kyrenia [in Northern Cyprus] for 40 years and facing Turkish provocation on a daily basis, do you think we'll lose our calm over a profound financial restructuring and closed banks?"

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