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Seres, Attila

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Népszabadság - Hungary | 28/07/2011

Church thinks hippies to blame for paedophilia

The Catholic Church recently commissioned a study that depicts paedophilia within the church as a consequence of the hippie movement. In the left-liberal daily Népszabadság Attila Seres criticises this as lacking any basis in reality: "The Church's paedophilia had its heyday in the hippie era, the study claims. Consequently it's the hippies who are to blame for the priests abusing children. So they are also victims, not criminals. I can't believe my own eyes. If I wasn't holding the most comprehensive study of the past 50 years in my hands I would assume this was a botch-up or a lampoon. ... But unfortunately this study is intended to be taken seriously. From many angles it attempts to convince readers that there can be no talk of a crisis of the Church with respect to 'sexual aberrations'. The problem, it claims, lies in the past. Today there are only sporadic cases of child abuse by priests, it says."

Népszabadság - Hungary | 17/11/2009

The G8 not interested in hunger

The heads of state and government of the developed industrialised nations were conspicuous for their absence at the world food summit that has just ended in Rome, the left-liberal newspaper Népszabadság writes in a critical article. "Many stayed away from the summit because they feared unpleasant questions would be asked. At this year's G8 summit the major powers promised to provide 20 billion dollars in emergency aid for needy countries, but so far they have failed to keep their promise. Not a cent has been transferred to the aid organisations. Rapid help is urgently needed, however. We are currently experiencing the worst food crisis for 44 years. One billion people are under-nourished, a hundred million more than a year ago. ... In view of this fact we must ask ourselves the following question: "Why does part of the world's population have to starve, when in the developed world there is surplus food production."

Népszabadság - Hungary | 12/03/2009

Ankara wants support for its EU membership

Commenting on France's return to Nato the left-liberal daily Népszabadság writes: "With this step the final significant element of Charles de Gaulle's policy has disappeared, swept away by the ardent Gaullist Nicolas Sarkozy, of all people. … Sarkozy has distanced himself from his predecessor's programme. He no longer insists on an autonomous defence policy for France but instead promotes the ideal of a common security and defence policy within the EU. In doing so he has secured the support of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. … But there's a snag to France's further integration into Nato's command structure: Turkey. Because in return for the warm reception given to the 'lost son' Ankara now expects Paris to look more favourably on its bid for EU membership."

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