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Serban, Alex Leo

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Dilema Veche - Romania | 07/03/2008

Romanian cinema and its audiences

Film critic Alex Leo Serban comments on the success of young Romanian filmmakers like Cristi Puiu and Cristian Mungiu: "The foundations for minimalist cinema were laid six years ago: a small budget, handmade films, simple stories - powerful but true. The traditional kind of film seemed to have become superfluous. ... But there's still a problem: Romanian audiences aren't interested in films. Mungius' success [in Cannes] was noticed, but whether it came in cinema, football or the fashion world didn't really matter. The joy of thousands, if not millions of Romanians to see 'one of us' being successful where success really counts was more the joy of seeing old clichés like 'we're being left out' or 'it takes connections to be successful' proved wrong."

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