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Semercioğlu, Cengiz

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Hürriyet - Turkey | 16/02/2015

Turks must be stricter with their sons

The murder of a 20-year-old woman triggered numerous rallies protesting violence against women in Turkey on Saturday. A bus driver in the city of Mersin had murdered the student and then burnt her body when she resisted his attempts to rape her on her way home. To prevent such crimes young men need to be better educated in how to behave, the conservative daily Hürriyet argues: "All young girls are taught how to sit, not to laugh impulsively, to look straight ahead, not to wear revealing clothes and to behave like a lady. From an early age it is the girls who have to deal with all these bans. Men are brought up according to the logic: 'Run, young lion, no one's stopping you!'. The result is that women are murdered, stabbed, beaten, raped and burned. ... If parents were as careful about teaching their sons to be reasonable and to respect women as they are about the honour and morals of their daughters, this violence would stop anyway."

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