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Semeniuk, Piotr

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Polityka - Poland | 03/11/2015

Kaczyński won't get rid of international companies

The new ruling party in Poland, the national conservative PiS, plans to introduce special taxes on retail chains to put Polish traders at an advantage vis-à-vis international companies. The centre-left news magazine Polityka doubts that a corresponding law would have the desired effect: "The revenues of between three and four billion zloty [750 million to a billion euros] that this would generate will certainly hit someone hard. The question is who? … We can safely assume that only those chains that are the least profitable will pull out of Poland. Something similar has already happened in Hungary, where the Belgian-French companies Match and Profi beat a retreat after the introduction of a turnover tax. So such legislation would reduce the market share of the smaller companies to the benefit of competitors who work very profitably. That means the PiS's new tax would probably only have the effect of changing the market structure."

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