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Seifert, Thomas

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Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 12/03/2013

Europe must not look away

Thousands of Hungarians protested against the changes to the constitution on the weekend, while the Council of Europe and the US State Department recommended a postponement at the very least. The legal concerns are considerable, the state-run liberal daily Wiener Zeitung comments, arguing that Europe must not look the other way, "because the Hungarian prime minister will now be able to push through any law he wants with a two-thirds majority, without the Constitutional Court having any chance of challenging it. Hungary's days as a constitutional state are numbered. Thousands of people protested against the new constitution outside the parliament in Budapest on the weekend. What now? What sanctions does the EU have at its disposal? How can Hungary be prevented from gradually sliding into a radical right-wing nationalist quagmire? Europe's politicians must keep their eyes fixed on Hungary, even if they are loath to do so."

Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 01/08/2012

Blunders won't harm Romney's chances

The European tour of US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was a total flop, the state-owned liberal Wiener Zeitung writes, but adds that this won't affect his chances in the election campaign back home: "Whereas Obama was greeted like a saviour in Europe, the bland Republican candidate Mitt Romney has failed to win the hearts of the Europeans during his overseas tour. Even worse, the British were definitely 'not amused' by the manager of the Salt Lake City Olympics' criticism of the Olympic preparations in London. In Israel he alienated the Palestinians and in Poland his press spokesperson flipped out and swore at a journalist. So Romney's overseas trip, with its string of gaffes, wasn't exactly a success. … But luckily for Romney the dictum coined by Bill Clinton's election campaign strategist James Carville still holds: 'It's the economy, stupid!'. As long as unemployment [in the US] remains above eight percent, Romney's chances of winning remain unscathed."

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