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Seifert, Thomas

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1.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 02/07/2013

Europe should have offered Snowden asylum

Europe needs to be more resolute and self-confident in its attitude towards the US, the state-run liberal daily Wiener Zeitung demands: "Europe must insist on ... » more

2.  Die Presse - Austria | 25/05/2010

Sanctions against North Korea not easy to impose

Strict sanctions against North Korea are unlikely, writes the daily Die Presse: "The situation is difficult for everyone concerned. How are South Korea or the ... » more

3.  Die Presse - Austria | 26/01/2010

Cooperate with the Taliban

Moderate supporters of the insurgent Taliban could indeed be persuaded of the advantages of cooperation with the Afghan government, the daily Die Presse writes: "The ... » more

4.  Die Presse - Austria | 11/11/2009

Dim prospects for Korean reunification

As Germany and Europe celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall military skirmishes have once more broken out between and North and South Korea, this time ... » more

5.  Die Presse - Austria | 21/10/2009

Abdulla has earned a chance

Abdullah Abdullah, Afghan President Hamid Karzai's challenger in the run-off ballot for the presidential elections, is also an attractive option for the West, writes the ... » more

6.  Die Presse - Austria | 12/08/2009

A new gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine?

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has accused his Ukrainian colleague Viktor Yushchenko of pursuing anti-Russian policies and threatened a new gas conflict. In the future Ukraine ... » more

7.  Die Presse - Austria | 10/08/2009

Confrontation instead of détente

Pasdaran, the elite unit of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, has no interest in defusing the tensions between Iran and the West, the daily Die Presse writes: ... » more

8.  Die Presse - Austria | 29/06/2009

Obama wants to end Bush's war in Babylon

The planned withdrawal of US troops from Iraq is now entering a critical phase because extremists want to fill the political vacuum, the daily Die ... » more

9.  Die Presse - Austria | 26/06/2009

A new revolution

The events on the streets of Tehran point to a new revolution, writes the daily Die Presse: "What happened on the streets of Tehran bore ... » more

10.  Die Presse - Austria | 17/10/2008

Austria's bid for seat on UN Security Council

Austria has applied for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council. The Austrian daily Die Presse believes that in this case it is the ... » more


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