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Segurado, Nacho

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20 minutos - Spain | 05/12/2013

A blow to the European public sphere

The European opinion portal Presseurop is due to stop publication on December 22. The European Commission has announced that it is cutting the funding for the online magazine, which appears in ten languages. A bitter loss, Nacho Segurado writes in his blog Europa Inquieta on the website of the free paper 20 Minutos: "When I bookmarked Presseurop, I didn't know anything about its prestige or how effective it was. I simply saved it as a practical reference work, finding it a valuable publication - something like the embryo of a pan-European medium that many of us find is lacking (if Europe wants to be a nation - whatever that may mean - it will need its own press to survive). ... And then, just a few months before the trend-setting EU parliamentary elections - at a time when the pedagogical efforts many people are demanding are sorely needed - the Europeans could lose one of their best information channels."

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