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Segert, Dieter

Segert, Dieter

Dieter Segert, professor of political science at the University of Vienna, was born in 1952 in Salzwedel in the German Democratic Republic. His most recent book is "Prager Frühling. Gespräche über eine europäische Erfahrung". (Prague Spring. Discussions on a European Experience. Vienna: Braumüller, 2008).

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1.  Article | 20/08/2008

As the tanks came

The reform ideas of Prague Spring lived on after 1968, influencing communist parties across Europe. To what extent was Prague Spring – and its failure – a European experience? » more

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Respekt - Czech Republic | 19/08/2008

Broken ties with 1968

The German author Dieter Segert, who has just published a book on the Prague Spring of 1968, laments in an interview with the liberal weekly Respekt the Czechs' broken ties with the events of 1968. "The invasion [of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact troops] was certainly a traumatic experience, even to this day, and one with which Czech society has never really been able to come to terms. The problems are also connected to the change in the political elite in 1989. After twenty years of 'normalisation' the former reformers were too old to play an active role once more. The new representatives who came to power from a grey zone had no interest in an intensive confrontation with the past. ... What we see here is yet another example of the typical Czech way of interpreting its own history. Instead of being proud of having had the courage to reform socialism the Czechs are drowning in self-pity. They don't want to see themselves as anything but a small nation that has always been a victim of its larger neighbours."

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