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Seewald, Berthold

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Welt am Sonntag - Germany | 20/05/2012

Berthold Seewald on Greece's special treatment for historical reasons

The Greeks are receiving preferential treatment in Europe simply because 2,500 years ago they invented democracy and the Olympic Games, columnist Berthold Seewald complains in the conservative weekly Welt am Sonntag: "But the ensuing 2,500 years are ignored: the fact that after the Greek, Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, Avarian, Bulgarian and Turkish invasions, there was hardly anything left; that Greek Orthodoxy has developed neither a monastic work ethos nor commitment to public welfare; that the clan and clientele structures left over from 400 years of Turkish rule are still very much alive. …Two key words determine the rhetorical impact of the problem: democracy and sustainability. Democracy was invented 2,500 years ago in Greece, while sustainability is linked to the realisation that at some point we need to find a balance between the available resources and our needs, because as we all know, our planet's resources are limited. … Greece stands as a reminder of the most important political experiment in history and of the surrender of a society in the distribution of privation. The one is a glorious past, the other a tormented future."

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