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Seeh, Manfred

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Die Presse - Austria | 29/08/2011

Civil courage helps against abuse

In the Austrian town of St. Peter am Hart an 80-year-old man is said to have raped his two daughters - now 53 and 45 - over a period of 41 years. Austria has a sad tradition of cruel cases of abuse, against which there is no redress but civil courage, writes the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse: "Once again incest, once again women imprisoned for years at a time, and once again Austria. ... Is it typically Austrian for men to rape, torture and confine women? Of course not. But the idea that such crimes take place all over the world cannot avoid certain unpleasant questions being raised. Why did no one catch on to the suffering of the victims? Why was pre-trial custody only ordered on Friday, although the case became known in May? ... Even if it is still too early for clear answers in the case of W., one thing is clear: somewhere out there other women are imprisoned. In private dungeons, that goes without saying. What can help in such cases? Civil courage!"

Die Presse - Austria | 29/04/2010

Austria ignores international crimes

Austria's federal agency for internal security suspects Chechen President Ramsan Kadyrov of being the string puller behind the murder of his countryman Umar Israilov. Israilov brought a lawsuit against Kadyrov before the European Court of Human Rights in 2006. However according to the daily Die Presse Kadyrov need not fear that legal action will be taken against him: "Interior Minister Maria Fekter [from the conservative Austrian People's Party, ÖVP] has come under pressure because of the Umar Israilov murder case on a previous occasion. The recognised refugee was shot dead on January 13, 2009, in Vienna. Prior to his assassination he had asked for personal protection but was denied it. Fekter was responsible for this decision. … The 2008 UEFA European Football Championship would have been the time to take action. There were indications that football fan Kadyrov secretly entered the country to watch the game between Russia and Greece. At the time the police remained undercover. The state prosecution too, by the way. Austria has a tradition of averting its eyes from this type of international conflict (another example: the Kurd murders). It's a reasonably sure bet for President Kadyrov that this won't suddenly change."

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