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Scuto, Fabio

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La Repubblica - Italy | 01/10/2015

Palestinian president alienating everyone

Palestinian president Abbas seems to lack any will at all to start a dialogue, the centre-left daily La Repubblica laments: "The speech caused confusion even in Fatah, the president's own party. Mahmoud Abbas made no mention of resuming the peace talks. He confined himself to denouncing the injustices. But this clearly won't be enough to prompt Israel to give up the settlement policy it has pursued for 40 years in the West Bank. This is a sign that the patriarch's autumn has begun. A sign of a presidency worn down after not achieving any victories worth mentioning in eleven years of rule. The 80-year-old has repeatedly brought up the possibility of his resigning. But then he stays on and rules with an iron fist. He tolerates neither criticism nor objections, and this is why his circle of close confidantes has dwindled to just a handful of people."

La Repubblica - Italy | 21/08/2008

Wave of terror in Algeria

Just one day after the bomb attack in Algeria more than 50 people have died in two new terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic fundamentalists south east of the country's capital, Algiers. The daily La Repubblica claims the attacks are connected to the impending begin of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting. "The massacres are proof that the Islamist terrorist groups have reorganised and despite the siege of the region are coming down from the mountains of Kabylie to spread terror in the cities. ... The approach of Ramadan has woken the terrorists from their slumber. It is regarded as a good time for waging jihad [the holy war] and paradise is said to await those who die as martyrs during this time. ... Meanwhile fear is growing, particularly in Algiers, where memories of the double suicide attacks of 11 December 2007 against the headquarters of UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the Supreme Court are still fresh."

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