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Scruton, Roger

britischer Philosoph

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Nagyvilág - Hungary | 02/08/2010

Roger Scruton distinguishes between erotic desire and pornography

British philosopher Roger Scruton reflects on the difference between erotic desire and pornography in the magazine on world literature, Nagyvilág: "When we distinguish between erotic desire and pornography, in reality we're differentiating between two types of interests: interest in the embodied personality and interest in the body itself, and in my view the two are irreconcilable. ... Normal desire is an inter-personal feeling. Its objective is the free and mutual devotion which unites two individuals, you and me. This union occurs through our bodies, but it is by no means a mere union between bodies. ... We can replace each other with objects, but not with subjects. Subjects, according to Kant's convincing arguments, are free individuals who cannot be replaced in their essence. Pornography, like slavery, expresses contempt for the human subject. And furthermore it is a negation of the moral imperative by which people are to treat each other as free human beings."

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