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Scisci, Francesco

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La Stampa - Italy | 11/11/2010

US and China seek allies

US President Barack Obama worked hard to create closer ties between the US and India during his Asia trip while his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao was busy improving relations with Portugal, France and the UK in Europe. Both superpowers are seeking allies instead of direct confrontation, the liberal daily La Stampa concludes: "Washington has significantly opened up to India, the demographic and ... economic counterweight to China. ... India's rise will be boosted by Washington's support for the country's bid to obtain a seat on the UN Security Council. A gesture which ... is aimed at putting a damper on China's ambitions in Asia. But China is not just looking on passively. Hu Jintao obtained French President Nicolas Sarkozy's backing for a conference on a new economic order next year. We are still a long way from a Chinese-French global currency pact but what we are seeing here is without doubt more than a simple provocation against the continued predominance of the dollar."

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