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Scicluna, Martin

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The Malta Independent - Malta | 07/08/2013

Malta must help boat refugees

Malta turned away a tanker carrying 102 boat refugees from Africa on Monday, drawing fierce criticism from the European Commission, which accused Valetta of breaking international laws. Malta must finally face the problem of boat refugees, the liberal-conservative daily Malta Independent demands: "There is a need for politicians and the country at large to acknowledge that the influx is unlikely to abate. It will wax and wane, as it has done over the last eleven years. Such is the state of the global economy and the future effects of climate change that it is probably unstoppable. Malta must be prepared for this and continue to improve its ability to cope with a continuing influx. Perhaps more importantly, it should accept that a sizeable core of asylum-seekers will settle in Malta and become an integral part of the community."

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