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Schwischei, Gerhard

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Salzburger Nachrichten - Austria | 09/03/2011

Euratom opponents are right

In Austria, the "Out of Euratom" petition for a referendum on the country's withdrawal from the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) has failed. It is nonetheless important to discuss the future of Europe's energy supplies, writes the Christian-liberal daily Salzburger Nachrichten: "The Euratom opponents are right, even if their petition for a referendum wasn't a great success: These are key years in which the foundations for Europe's future energy supply will be laid. ... Energy efficiency must be a top priority, as the EU commissioners responsible for this area of policy once again admonished on Tuesday. The motto is less oil and more renewable energy sources and openness to new technologies. Therefore nuclear fusion research should not be rejected, but there is certainly the need for a discussion on why fewer EU billions are being spent on research in other areas."

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