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Schwenk, Matthias


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Carta - Germany | 20/10/2010

Homo Connectus becomes advertiser

The advertising agency Grey Worldwide and Google Gemany have conducted a study on connected people. In future consumers will play a key role in brand communication, writes Blog Carta: "This will have a serious impact on advertising because connected people are no longer passive consumers who let themselves be 'supplied' by media and editorial content - be it with news or entertainment - taking in advertising as they do so. ... Consequently almost everything in the media will be subject to feedback and covered by a veil of opinion-forming conversation. ... For those operating in the new world there is a solution: listen and take part in the conversation. ... Seen from this point of view, brands will be the result of a two-sided process in which people and businesses take over brand management together. An interesting perspective, but one which will certainly be both chaotic and stressful."

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