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Schwartz, Robert

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Deutsche Welle - Germany | 30/07/2012

Băsescu should still stand down

Romania's president Băsescu is to stay in office because too few Romanians voted to oust him in the referendum. Of those who participated, around 80 percent voted against him. Băsescu should make way for early presidential elections, demands Robert Schwartz on the Internet portal of the Deutsche Welle: "The president is returning to his palace, but unlike after the 2007 referendum, his power has waned. A coalition with the social-liberal government ... is virtually out of the question. If this political crisis continues Romania will be pulled into a lethal vortex, and there will be no escape ... even for the old seafarer Băsescu. If things are to calm down for the country Băsescu has only one choice, and that is to step down triumphantly and make way for early presidential elections in autumn 2012 to coincide with the planned parliamentary elections. It is high time that Romania ... parted ways with the old political clique. Young, credible politicians must be given a decent chance if democracy and European values are to hold any sway after this summer's absurd theatre."

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