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Schwarz, Andreas,

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Kurier - Austria | 17/09/2015

The world must work together on Syria solution

Russia, the US and the rest of the world must get their act together and tackle the causes of war, exodus and terror in Syria, demands the liberal daily Kurier: "Now we are paying the price for the West not having a dialogue with Vladimir Putin. We are paying the price for the alleged willingness of the Russians to have Assad step aside three years ago. And for the one-dimensional accusations that the US caused the chaos in the Middle East long ago (cue: Iraq). Or the less one-dimensional realisation that the West's naïve euphoria about the 'Arab Spring' in the Arab world has served no purpose. … We would like to see the world leaders sit down at a table after five years and find a solution to end the madness in Syria. As quickly as possible."

Kurier - Austria | 28/01/2015

Don't hesitate on sanctions against Russia

Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann spoke out on Tuesday against extending the economic sanctions against Russia. The daily Kurier disagrees: "The EU is responding with the only means it has: tightening the sanctions. Even if Chancellor Feymann and others like the head of the Chamber of Commerce Christoph Leitl cry out in dismay at the economic consequences: 'Now is the time for diplomacy to restore lost trust.' (Leitl) What trust? Our trust in Putin and the separatists, who for almost a year now have been working doggedly on their goal of creating a land corridor to Crimea? A corridor to a Crimea whose annexation by Russia everyone except Ukraine has long since accepted? True, sanctions won't stop them. ... Which means the sanctions are just a signal. But a signal that shows that the free world won't tolerate this course of action any more than it will tolerate other ambitions for expansion."

Kurier - Austria | 16/12/2014

Only open society helps against terror

The calls for an open society are the only way to prevent terrorist attacks like that in Sydney, the liberal daily Kurier writes: "Australia was prepared and had already foiled attacks on its soil in the past, it was on alarm level three (out of four), but still attacks like that in the Lindt Café can't be prevented. Not by massive security measures, even if more intense monitoring of Islamists is needed. And not by education in schools or awkward propaganda to counter the efforts to recruit potential jihadists in the West through the web, because that comes too late. And certainly not by barricading off a country and fomenting Islamisation fears in Europe, as the Pegida movement in Germany is doing. That only plays into terrorists hands, whose goal is to spread fear. 'Australia is an open, friendly society. Nothing should ever change that and that is why I would urge all Australians today to go about their business as usual,' Australian's prime minister said on Monday during the siege. And this is indeed the only right response."

Kurier - Austria | 01/08/2013

The true culprits go free

The decision to acquit Bradley Manning of high treason is correct but nevertheless the verdict is unjust and the wrong person is being punished, the liberal daily Kurier complains: "The court prosecuted Manning relentlessly for high treason, that is 'aiding the enemy', before changing its mind in the last minute and acquitting him on this point - saving him from a possible death sentence. That would have been too much of a risk for the US. And this political decision is a good thing. But what does it tell us about the independence of the judiciary in the US, the land of freedom? Where's the verdict for the helicopter crew that gaily went out hunting civilians in Iraq? These videos were the non banal part of the Manning revelations. And they show once again: the bearer of bad news is punished, or goes to jail for life plus a couple of dozen years, while the true culprits go free."

Kurier - Austria | 27/05/2013

Blue helmet withdrawal from Golan would be fatal

Austria has threatened to withdraw its UN peace-keeping troops from the Golan Heights if the EU's arms embargo against Syria is lifted. In the territory annexed by Israel, UN soldiers have monitored the ceasefire between Israel and Syria since 1974. A withdrawal could have fatal consequences, the liberal daily Kurier fears: "If Austria does withdraw from Golan, the whole mission would collapse - our soldiers are/have been its core. If the entire UN then withdraws from the Golan this will create a vacuum into which Israel would put its military as quick as a flash - and the fighting witnessed so far on the Golan would be child's play in comparison. Perhaps the leaders on the European stage will find their way back to reason after all - thanks also to Austria's threat to withdraw and all it entails - and the European Union will agree on an extension of the arms embargo."

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