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Schwartzbrod, Alexandra

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1.  Libération - France | 26/03/2015

Pilots need better psychological monitoring

As the Germanwings crash triggers widespread strong emotions, the left-liberal daily Libération makes an effort to be rational and draw useful conclusions from the tragedy: ... » more

2.  Libération - France | 16/02/2015

Mission must be followed by state rebuilding

There is currently no serious alternative to military intervention in Libya, the left-liberal daily Libération argues, warning that any mission must be more long-term than ... » more

3.  Libération - France | 12/02/2015

Russia benefits from ceasefire

The Minsk ceasefire mainly strengthens Russian President Vladimir Putin's position, the left-liberal daily Libération laments: "On the one hand the new text doesn't make any ... » more

4.  Libération - France | 04/12/2014

Cut film stars' pay

The French film funding authority CNC on Wednesday imposed a limit on salaries paid in publicly subsidised film productions. This reaction to criticism of the ... » more

5.  Libération - France | 12/08/2014

The onus is on the international community

The international community must take action in Iraq because it bears the responsibility for the war, the left-liberal daily Libération believes: "The failure in Iraq ... » more

6.  Libération - France | 18/05/2014

TTIP could fail without transparency

Negotiations over the TTIP free trade agreement between the EU and the US will enter their fifth round today, Monday. But popular opposition to the ... » more

7.  Libération - France | 22/04/2014

Don't forget other hostages in rush of joy

Four French journalists landed unharmed in Paris after being held hostage in Syria for almost ten months. The left-liberal daily Libération admonishes readers not to ... » more

8.  Libération - France | 24/01/2014

French Greens miss out on the green revolution

France's Green Party will turn 30 this week. But leadership conflicts have much weakened the party and being part of the governing coalition has worked ... » more

9.  Libération - France | 11/11/2013

Penalties for punters harm prostitutes

Men who pay for sexual services are to be subject to penalties in France. The French National Assembly will vote on the controversial draft law ... » more

10.  Libération - France | 08/08/2013

Drone war useless in combatting terror

Numerous US embassies and consulates remain closed this week amidst fears of terrorist attacks. A questionable policy in view of the currently escalating drone war, ... » more


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