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Schumacher, Hajo

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Berliner Morgenpost - Germany | 24/08/2011

German humorist was a great artist

The German comedian Loriot passed away on Tuesday aged 87. The conservative daily Berliner Morgenpost praises him as a great artist. "He was our national bulwark every time the British accused us of having no sense of humour. The son of a Prussian military family, he touched all generations, all classes. His subtle caricatures of our narrow-minded, middle-class foibles were so captivating that we Germans temporarily found ourselves not as bad as everyone says. A native of Brandenburg near Berlin, Loriot never lost sight of the West or the East, appealing to audiences on both sides of the Wall. He gleaned experience in all walks of life, and every one of his gags testifies to his deep knowledge of human nature. He volunteered for military service in 1941 before finishing secondary school, was promoted to first lieutenant in the Russian campaign, then made his living as a lumberjack. Only later did he discover cabaret. Neither a complainer nor a wiseacre, he was always modest and reserved. ... Loriot was one of a kind."

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