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Schulz, Bettina


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Die Zeit - Germany | 05/02/2015

Bettina Schulz on Greece's geopolitical significance for Europe

Concessions will ultimately have to be made to the new government in Athens in view of the key geopolitical role Greece plays for Europe, journalist Bettina Schulz explains in the liberal weekly Die Zeit: "The Arab Spring and the war in Syria have turned the entire Mediterranean to the south and east into a dangerous trouble spot. ... In this situation the last thing the EU and Nato want is to see Greece, with its exposed location on the Mediterranean, sink into social and economic chaos and become politically unpredictable. They will hardly risk Greece having to exit not just the monetary union, but also the EU, and the impact this could have on Nato. In theory Greece could privatise its ports and put them at the Russians' disposal. ... If Greece is driven so far from outside, for example by the troika, that it reacts in desperation such a scenario couldn't be ruled out. ... If this aspect isn't taken into account in the discussion, half of the equation is missing. Then the German public won't understand why in the end it will have to listen to the new coalition in Athens."

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