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Schulte, Ulrich


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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 03/06/2015

Protesters overlooking good reasons for G7

The leaders of the world's seven most important industrialised nations (G7) will convene at Bavaria's Schloss Elmau this weekend. A protest camp that had been banned will now be allowed to go ahead, Munich's administrative court ruled on Tuesday. The critics of the summit meeting are wrong on several crucial points, the left-leaning daily taz argues, pointing out that the G7 "share convictions that deserve to be defended. Human rights, free elections - also and above all in a world in which the balance of power is shifting. … The claim that seven would-be autocrats decide the world's fate at this summit is oversimplified. Like it or not, Merkel was democratically elected. She represents a course that many Germans see as correct."

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 25/06/2013

Merkel gives Germans false sense of security

The union consisting of the CDU and CSU presented its manifesto for the German parliamentary elections on September 22 on Monday. It includes billions in tax relief for mothers and families and clearly rejects new tax hikes. The left-leaning daily taz is annoyed about the dubious pledges, saying that "basically it all comes down to a single promise: everything will stay the same. With this pledge Merkel is pandering to a thoroughly German mindset at a time when the euro crisis only appears to have abated. Here in Germany many people regard too much change as suspect, and the desire for continuity has actually increased. After all, Germany is doing very well economically while its neighbouring states are struggling with bankruptcy. ... Her good deeds for the middle class will cost billions, but the chancellor hasn't said where all the money is to come from. Instead she hides behind vague phrases to conceal the fact that she'll keep her promise only in a series of mini-steps - if at all."

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 19/03/2012

A quarrelsome president is good for Germany

As German president Joachim Gauck will no doubt often be at odds with the leftist parties, but this is good for democracy, writes the left-leaning daily taz, praising his announcement that he's willing to address new issues: "He deserves respect for that statement. ... [However] as a learner he won't suddenly adopt leftist positions; we can't expect him to roundly criticise the global financial circus. While the social discourse is increasingly shifting to the left and even the Christian Democratic Party is talking about minimum wages, some of Gauck's views seem almost anachronistic. The SPD and Greens will soon realise that they haven't done themselves a favour. But on the other hand, what's so bad about a president with whom and over whom the Left will be at loggerheads? There are worse things. The painful power games that brought him into office were just as bad advertising for democracy as his predecessors' capers. This could well be a fierce debate about content."     

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