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Schulman, Alexander

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Aftonbladet - Sweden | 25/08/2013

Swedes are slaves to their dieting mania

The best-seller list of the Swedish bookseller Adlibris is currently topped by three books about a diet that recommends a two-day fast every week. The Swedes' enthusiasm for any and every kind of dieting is disheartening, columnist Alexander Schulman writes in the left-liberal tabloid Aftonbladet: "Just looking at these lists makes me depressed. I feel sad for the Swedes, no, for all humanity, and their lack of historic consciousness. ... Here we are once again obsessed with yet another diet that's supposed to make us all slim. ... This isn't a trend, it's a mass movement. Right now half the country is huddled up in front of a cup of tea and yearning for the end of their fasting, which will be celebrated with cola and cake. We who are not yet blinded have a responsibility. Whenever we see some poor wretch on a fast, we should go to them and give them a hug. And a slice of pie. And a pair of trainers."

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