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Schuller, Moritz

Der Tagesspiegel

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Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 19/08/2013

Moritz Schuller on political leaders disempowered by the troika

The euro crisis is not an issue in the German elections to the Bundestag - and no wonder since the crisis has long been the exclusive preserve of the troika made up of the European Commission, the ECB and the IMF, journalist Moritz Schuller complains in the liberal daily Der Tagesspiegel: "The Merkel government has already relinquished political responsibility for dealing with the crisis. The announcement by ECB President Mario Draghi that he would support the euro at all cost went hand in hand with the self-disempowerment of those we vote for. ... Even the euro-critical 'Alternative for Germany' party comes four years too late, because it wouldn't be able to regain Germany's lost political influence even if it won. Already with the elections in Greece and Italy it was clear that the voters' decision didn't really matter. What the countries' future policies will look like was clear to the troika even before the polling stations closed. As it turns out, what was criticised back then as cold power politics of the big countries is a structural phenomenon of the Union: even in the big countries like Germany, voters no longer have any influence on the most important issue of our day. It has been removed from the national decision-making sphere."

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