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Schürer, Stefan

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Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | 03/09/2012

Swiss should turn away jobseeking immigrants

In an interview with the Swiss daily the Tages-Anzeiger, the head of the Swiss Federal Office for Immigration, Mario Gattiker, said that a growing number of unemployed EU citizens from the crisis-stricken countries of Southern and Eastern Europe are seeking jobs in Switzerland. In view of the economic risks this poses, the liberal daily calls for a blockade: "In the medium term the immigration of unemployed persons who find a job here poses certain risks. ... In a recession the poorly qualified quickly lose their jobs and become a burden on the country's social welfare network. … It's also clear that with immigrant workers the danger of wage dumping and illegal work increases. The new wave of immigration is also sensitive from a political point of view. ... When the referendum on free movement of persons was held in February 2009, the Executive Federal Council made no mention in its little voting prospectus of the fact that unemployed people are allowed to move here too. It's got to the stage where the authorities now partially believe their own propaganda and evade questions on the subject by saying that unemployed citizens are not allowed into Switzerland. The reality is different. It's time the authorities acted accordingly."

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