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Schubert, Gerald,

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Der Standard - Austria | 28/04/2015

Reforms can bring peace to Ukraine

At the EU-Ukraine summit on Monday in Kiev, despite ongoing fighting in the east of the country a constitutional reform and political steps to resolve the conflict were negotiated, which the left-liberal daily Der Standard welcomes: "In view of the unstable situation and Russian President Vladimir Putin's unpredictable policies this may all sound a long way off right now. But sticking to the agreed goals offers the chance to break with the logic of weapons. The Ukraine crisis has also become a trial of strength between two approaches: conflict management based on the rule of law and the law of nations on the one hand, and military options on the other. To that extent it's consistent for Brussels to push for the implementation of reforms to consolidate democratic structures in Kiev. At the same time, however, the EU must offer Ukraine substantial support in stabilising its economy and fighting corruption."

Der Standard - Austria | 08/04/2015

Zeman's house ban for ambassador overhasty

Miloš Zeman has banned the US ambassador to the Czech Republic from visiting his official residence Prague Castle after the latter said it would be 'awkward' should Zeman go ahead with plans to attend celebrations in Moscow commemorating the victory against Nazi Germany. The left-liberal daily Der Standard describes Zeman's reaction as over the top: "To construct a conflict on the highest level out of this incident is the result of either an inability to deal sensibly with even minimal criticism or political strategising against his own government: In Moscow - unlike in Prague - Zeman's loud reaction has met with approval. ... As a democratically elected president Zeman has every right to attend the Moscow celebrations. But to reject communication with the ambassador of another country testifies to a lack of understanding of the rudimentary principles of diplomacy which especially in times of military muscle-flexing are particularly important."

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