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Schubert, Axel

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TagesWoche - Switzerland | 22/06/2012

Sustainability just for easing consciences

The participants of the global climate summit Rio+20 have great expectations for a so called green economy. But sustainable management serves above all to soothe guilty consciences and allow society to forget its true responsibility, writes journalist Axel Schubert in a commentary for the online paper Tageswoche: "Green economy follows on from the unfulfilled promise to decouple … economic development and environmental pollution. ... The  Basel energy potential study of 2011 shows how far we are falling short of the targets for reducing greenhouse gases and consumption of resources. But since the resolutions of 'Rio' the 'comprehensive' sustainability strategy unites a broad social spectrum in the belief that we are on the right path. To the same extent that sustainability provides a basis, the concept helps to prevent our societies from questioning courses of action. ... However the challenges are not to be met through more green technology, but only through major changes at the socio-cultural as well as individual level."

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