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Schröder, Gerhard

Bundeskanzler A.D.

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El País - Spain | 24/05/2013

Growth and austerity belong together for Gerhard Schröder and Jacques Delors

Former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder and former European Commission president Jacques Delors call in a commentary in the left-liberal daily El País for the austerity policy to be coupled with measures for stimulating growth: "There must always be a correlation between the willingness to engage in structural reforms on the one hand and the willingness to show solidarity on the other. There is no 'either growth or austerity'. We are convinced that the two can be combined in a meaningful way - they must be combined. ... A key area here is the fight against youth unemployment in Europe. We cannot accept that a 'lost generation' is growing up in Europe because in many countries more than half of the young people are without jobs. ... Europe can work again if governments, trade unions, business and civil society all join together to support a new initiative on youth unemployment and the 2014 efforts [the elections for the European Parliament] to bring greater democracy and legitimacy to European government."

El País - Spain | 07/05/2012

For Gerhard Schröder globalisation requires more Europeanisation

Europe must step up its political integration, writes the former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder in a commentary published by the left-liberal daily El País: "The European Commission must be further developed into a government elected by the European Parliament. The European Council must give up powers and should be transformed into an upper chamber with similar functions to, for example, the Bundesrat in Germany. The European Parliament must have increased powers, and in future it should be elected via pan-European party lists with top candidates for the post of president of the commission. ... I think it is now time for a core of states ready for integration to initiate a new convention for the future of Europe. ... In global political and economic competition only a united Europe will stand a chance, because a nation state alone, even a strong Germany, is too weak. We can survive between the centers of power - the US and China - if we continue the path to integration. Then the European Union will remain a socially, economically, culturally and politically successful community that will be a model for other regions. Europeanisation is a rational political response to globalisation."

Der Spiegel - Germany | 09/02/2009

Gerhard Schröder on the future of German troops in Afghanistan

In the opinion of former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder withdrawing Germany's troops from Afghanistan now would be irresponsible. In an essay for the news magazine Der Spiegel he stresses the importance of Germany's mission: "It means that we cannot, as a single nation, immediately withdraw from Afghanistan – this would be tantamount to turning our back on our international responsibility … . Such a withdrawal would only strengthen the Taliban and in the worst case give it control over the entire country. This would be a blow for Afghan society and a great threat to international security. Nor should we forget the successes of the past few years in reconstructing Afghanistan: 85 percent of the population now has access to health services, six million children are attending school once more – two million of them girls. Roads, wells and sewers are being built. People have been able to freely elect their country's leadership. These are successes which form a basis for the further construction of a free and sovereign Afghanistan. But we also know: without peace there can be no progress. Civilian progress is the worst enemy of the Taliban, and this is why they fight it. Military support for the development measures therefore remains indispensable. … I take the view that the operations of the German armed forces can be ended within the next ten years."

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