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Schouten, Rob

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Trouw - Netherlands | 04/04/2011

Royal drama at Ajax Amsterdam

The crisis at Ajax Amsterdam, the Netherlands' record champion football club, is dominating the national media. After a dispute over how to reform the club's youth training programme with football legend Johan Cruyff, the club's management and supervisory board tendered their resignations last Wednesday. The 'royal drama' over Ajax has the whole country waiting with bated breath, columnist Rob Schouten writes in the daily Trouw: "Last Saturday I sat in the car and listened to the radio. It was only about Ajax. ... Yet it had the air of a theological debate about beliefs. As if we were on the verge of a schism and the witnesses of great historical events. Yet all the fuss is about a management crisis at a football club that isn't even number one. ... I listened as if there wasn't really anything more important to do, as if Japan and Libya were just distant rumours. Princes were rebelling and the sons of gods were having to leave the field. The holy land was trembling in its very foundations and someone called 'My kingdom for a new youth training programme'. No doubt about it: Shakespeare."

Trouw - Netherlands | 29/06/2009

Decline appeals to us

In the daily Trouw columnist Rob Schouten explores why the whole world is mourning the death of Michael Jackson, pointing out that after all he was not a musical genius of the calibre of Johann Sebastian Bach, for example: "Perhaps the fame and grief that Michael Jackson is now provoking are justified. He certainly had the right ingredients for being a darling of the public. In the beginning he was handsome and famous, then he become a tragic figure and a failure. What appeals to us about icons is their rise but then above all their fall. Elvis, Princess Diana. You can take delight in their lives and then see how miserably it all ended despite everything. The memento mori of our times. The inconceivable virus that apparently goes hand in hand with global appeal. … I believe that part of the mass mourning is also a sense of relief that we ourselves don't have to be that way. That in the end fame and fortune don't really count, but that we nonetheless must now return to our search for a new king who can teach us this."

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