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Schoonhoven, Gertjan van

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Elsevier - Netherlands | 11/10/2011

Foreigner-friendly minister not credible

The Dutch right-wing populist politician Geert Wilders on Tuesday demanded an explanation from the Christian Democrat immigration minister Geert Leers (CDA) after the latter publicly declared that immigration was an enrichment for the country. The liberal-conservative minority government is backed by Wilders' PVV party. The right-wing conservative news magazine Elsevier also considers Leers' statement questionable: "Leers defends on the one hand government policy, which no matter which way you look at it basically boils down to markedly less immigration. On the other hand he defends the view that 'migration' is something positive and enriching for society. It's not clear whether this view reflects Leers' own ideas or whether he is simply trying to pander to CDA supporters who are very critical about the participation of their party in this 'right-wing' cabinet. But what is clear is that you can't hold the two views at the same time without discrediting yourself entirely as a politician."

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