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Scholz, Martin

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Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany | 05/03/2008

The advantages of technological gadgets

Italian writer Umberto Eco explains in an interview by Martin Scholz how he continually polemicises against the Internet while at the same time remaining an enthusiastic user: "I have always welcomed new technologies, but one has to learn to use them each time and equip oneself to deal with them. For instance, I always found it silly to pitch books against computers. ... I like technological gadgets, and have great fun buying and trying out new IT products. I recently bought myself an external hard disk with 250 gigabytes storage capacity. It's unbelievable. I immediately stored the entire contents of Italy's national library on it - some of the literary world's great works. When I travel, I just pack it into my suitcase and unpack it in my hotel room in Hong Kong. This way I can always have a complete edition of Shakespeare's works, the bible or the Koran in front of me."

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