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Scholten, Peter

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NRC next - Netherlands | 30/11/2010

The Netherlands' failed integration

The Dutch parliament will deliberate today on the centre-right government's concept for immigration and integration. The professor for integration Han Entzinger and the political scientist Peter Scholten write in the daily that the plans have no more than symbolic value: "The cabinet is taking huge risks by coupling an immigration policy that is hard to implement with an integration policy that is of little effect. It risks pushing its right-wing supporters even further to the right because many promises cannot be kept or will be largely ineffective. It risks having the large majority of immigrants who are rapidly integrating lose trust in this country. These people don't see themselves as corresponding to the image of immigrant masses with little prospect of success, or examples of failed integration. ... No matter how much effort the immigrants make, a society that is not ready to offer them a place will not be able to integrate them - not even by force."

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