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Scholl, Susanne

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Salzburger Nachrichten - Austria | 24/09/2014

Ukraine conflict freezing

The conflict parties in Ukraine agreed on the weekend to establish a 30-km buffer zone along the front. Both sides have since begun clearing the area. The Christian-conservative daily Salzburger Nachrichten does not believe the move can bring peace and foresees a protracted frozen conflict: "Economically as well as politically, Ukraine is in turmoil. ... Neither a buffer zone nor the retreat of regular troops on both sides can change that. Those who should really be retreating are the Moscow-backed separatists, most of whom don't even come from the region - meaning they care little about how people in this region can continue to eke out a living. The inhabitants of eastern Ukraine are no doubt happy that shots are no longer fired, but they most certainly do not want a life like that in Transnistria. Not only is unemployment rife there, but also crime and the arbitrary exercise of power. If the conflict in eastern Ukraine is now frozen, this part of Ukraine will no doubt become just like that."

Salzburger Nachrichten - Austria | 19/03/2014

Kiev is more important than the Kremlin

Russia's aggressions have brought the diverse political parties in Kiev to join forces for now, but that could quickly change, Susanne Scholl warns in the Christian conservative Salzburger Nachrichten, and urges the West to support the leadership in Kiev: "Sooner or later, the alliance forged on the Maidan will collapse unless all parties agree on the really crucial issues for survival now. If they don't do it soon, the part of Ukraine which hasn't really fallen under Putin's influence yet will probably end up in chaos - and that would play right into Putin's hands. I believe that real, harsh sanctions against Russia are urgently needed. But I also believe that Ukraine's current provisional leadership badly needs active support to solve its problems. The EU and US should perhaps focus their thoughts more on this than on how to counter the Kremlin."

Salzburger Nachrichten - Austria | 12/02/2014

Crackdown on discussion over Leningrad siege

The oppositional Russian television channel Dozhd is apparently on the verge of closing down. All three major cable operators dropped the channel after it raised the question of whether more people could have been saved if Leningrad - today Saint Petersburg - had been surrendered during the Nazi siege of the city 70 years ago. Critical questions are unwelcome in Putin's Russia, the Christian-conservative paper Salzburger Nachrichten comments: "The new Russian version of history doesn't allow for any questioning of Stalin's fatally wrong decisions because that could also cast doubts on Putin's decisions - and the Kremlin's strongman won't tolerate that. The fear of losing power has been a constant companion throughout Putin's political career. As a KGB-trained man, his top priority is always to be in control. Insubordinate questions are highly unwelcome. So yet another halfway independent medium must fear for its survival - something which reflects the state of Russia as a whole."

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