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Scholl-Latour, Peter

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Cicero - Germany | 30/06/2008

Is Obama good for Europe?

Foreign relations expert Peter Scholl-Latour reflects in the conservative monthly magazine Cicero on Europe's relations with US presidential candidate Barack Obama: "If Obama does move into the White House, what will be his stance on Europe and the Germans? Hardly anyone can answer this because so far the attempts of Berlin and Paris to obtain a concrete response have been in vain. ... All foregoing presidents had an affinity with Europe, a relationship based on common 'Caucasian' roots. ... In Barack Obama we have a potential head of state and commander-in-chief who lacks this Atlantic connection. ... The new president need not have any reservations about undertaking the long overdue revaluation of the European Union and respecting its strategic and diplomatic independence, for it is the 27 EU states themselves that are preventing the development of an independently operating military power with their petty rivalries and the cuts in their defence budgets. ... It would be much more difficult for Berlin and Paris to deny an extremely popular US President Barack Obama increased participation than it was with his discredited predecessor. No one knows precisely who will be advising Obama on foreign alliances and relations with Germany, or whether he will decide to stick to the advice that Charles de Gaulle once gave the young Kennedy: 'N'écoutez que vous-mème' - do not listen to anyone but yourself."

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