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Schnitzler, Hans

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De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 30/05/2012

Euro 2012 just as monotonous as Europe

The Euro 2012 football championship in Ukraine and Poland will highlight Europe's cramped mentality because football reflects the spirit of the times, writes philosopher Hans Schnitzler in his column in the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant: "The spirit of the times already found its expression at the World Cup in South Africa. With its cramped and purely reactive football in keeping with the style of the [right-wing populist party] PVV, aimed simply at levering out the opponent, the Netherlands reached the final. Van Bommel and co. lapsed into a complete lack of style. ... The lack of variation in football style is most apparent among the top European football teams. The neutralising zeitgeist is taking hold in European football. The Occident is also exhausted and confused; lethargy and fear dominate the world view. There is a lack of exciting perspectives. An improved handling of security and health issues, as well as the excesses of a bookkeeper mentality: this is all that remains when one says farewell to the past. I wish you all a pleasant and dead boring Euro 2012."

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