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Schmitz, Gregor Peter

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Spiegel Online - Germany | 07/03/2012

Electoral circus harms US and Europe

The months-long electoral circus in the US is diverting attention from the country's true problems and weakening Europe in the process, writes the news portal Spiegel Online: "Romney is already denouncing the Democrats as 'European socialists'. Obama can be expected to respond in kind, so that the height of the campaign will no doubt see wars and not debates. Should we crisis-Europeans rejoice at this strange American navel-gazing? Like China, which secretly exults when America lets itself get distracted from strategic policy matters? No, Europe can only lose when America tears itself apart in election fever and ignores its most pressing problems. [Former security advisor Zbigniew] Brzezinski, the wise American with European roots, once growled: 'If America can no longer lead, no country in the world can fill the gap.'"

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