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Schmiechen, Frank

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Die Welt - Germany | 24/05/2011

Bob Dylan's metamorphoses instructive

US musician Bob Dylan celebrates his 70th birthday today. The conservative daily Die Welt writes a letter thanking him for an important lesson: "Dear Bob, ... as a young man you arrived in the artist's district of Greenwich Village in New York. Suddenly the music and songs of your fatherly friends sounded flat and lame in comparison to your sound. ... You listened to and stole their records - and a couple of weeks later you swept them from the stage in the 'headstrong folk singer' category. ... And when finally everyone was listening to you, all the people at the folk festivals, all the gentle do-gooders, the peace activists, the traditionalists, you slapped them in the face. You got yourself an electric guitar and a tight suit and you played rock 'n' roll. ... After making three brutal, monstrous, everlasting records in just 14 months you had a motorbike accident. ... And when everything was working again and everyone believed in Bob Dylan once more, you did a U-turn - you turned to God! ... If there's something we can learn from you, Bob, it's this: ... We must shed our skin and start a new life again and again."

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